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January 9, 2010

Updating "Endurance Granny"

You will notice a few changes to the blog over the past few days. I've added a search engine that will search this blog, and also the blogs I follow. You just enter the topic (such as "electroltyes") that you wish to search. It will bring up a result if there is one on the left. Then there are tabs to see what came up on this blog, or hit the other tab and it will search my favorite blogs for the similar information. It's pretty neat!

Also added a slide show of photos from some of the highlights of the past year. Happily there is no photo record available of the lows....

Kytita! ~E.G.


  1. Love the search and the slide show. :-)

  2. Did you ride this weekend?

    I did today. It was slick. Had a good short workout on the gelding. When I got back I dismounted and led him down the driveway down to the barn. He wanted to go over by the water trough so I let him. And instead of drinking he started rubbing his head. Before I pulled him away he got his bit (I have been using a kimberwick on him) caught on the top of the coated wire of our fence. We were still on the outside, all the other horses watching on the inside. Of course he pulled back and I was so afraid the top wire was going to break and snap back and either hit him me or the other horses on the other side. Luckily, the bridle broke. Luckily, I was using my old leather hunt seat bridle so I didn't even mind I was just glad he didn't break the coated wire. Well he trotted off along the fence line between the fence and a steep hillside. He stopped not too far off and I put my rope reins around his neck to bring him back. Well as he was walking back on the snow covered hill side edge he slipped really badly and almost fell down completely. (I was on the uphill side because I'm no dummy!) His back end did go completely down but I believe his front end was still mostly up. He regained his footed but was a little razzled. Got him back to the barn just fine and no injuries I could see or feel. Just glad he didn't do that fall when I was on him.

    He worked up a little sweat, we went about 4 miles trotting almost the whole way except for about a half mile walking warmup.


  3. No riding...went hiking instead and thought I'd die! Hiking through snow, up and down hills, through creeks IS WORK. I lived through it but had to lay down when I got home and read a book. I was beat.

    The reason for the hike was I got a set of Cobra radios for communicating with my husband when I'm out on the horse. Wanted to see where on the trail they would get a signal, and where the dead zones are. I tested the one mile "little loop" behind the house. One side is a dead zone, but found several points where contact is good. Soon as trails are safe I will ride out about two miles and see if I can reach him when we are on the ridgelines. If so it will free up my riding considerably out here. My husband worries when I go out alone, but he doesn't always have the time or feel like riding with me. I figure this will alleviate his concerns so I can get-r-done. At least that is the plan and I'm sticking to it. ~E.G.