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January 2, 2010

My Easyboot Hoofboot Upgrade is going out on Monday!

I'm so excited (I know I am always excited, it is my nature) but this will give Phebes 4 Easyboot Gloves for competition and difficult training rides. Decided to trade in my Old Mac's. This will leave me with three Epics as spares, and four Easyboot Gloves. So I'll only need to pull together one more of the Gloves and I'll feel we are set for next season. I may even train some in the Epics since they are heavier, and save the Gloves for competition only. Haven't decided yet.

So that will be three things that I've ticked off of my NEEDFUL THINGS list. Woo hoo! So that leaves: A new saddle pad as mine is frayed after nine hundred miles of use. I'll use the old one for training and keep the new one for competing. A pair of machine washable half chaps. I'll probably have to make do with my current saddle until my horse trailer is paid off (God willing some time this year). Perhaps by the fall I can consider the Eurolight saddle which I've already test rode and loved. If it doesn't work out I'll talk to Crestridge about sawing off the saddle horn on my current saddle (keep getting my clothing hung up on it).

But the boots!!!! Finally we will be 4X4!

Yes I'm excited :)



  1. YAY!!!! i am going to trade my original easyboots with the steel cables in for the gloves. You know, along with the other million things i keep saying i will do :p

  2. Zach,

    It is such a good deal! 50% off the price of something you want by trading in something that you no longer use.

    Thanks for the !!!! Because that is how excited I truly am :) Sometimes it is the little things in life that are so good. I'm slowly inching along and pulling my gear together.

  3. I get SOOO excited over new gear!!! check out my blog, i just put a post up their and talked about the gear i am getting! I am soooo excited to order it tonight!

  4. EG - I actually sawed the horn off my Big Horn barrel saddle myself. A hack saw does a nice, clean cut, and then I used a fine-grain metal file to smooth out rough edges, and cut out a circle of black leather and glued it over the spot where the horn was. That horn was metal...not sure what the Crestridge is, but the same principle should apply to other solid materials.