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January 26, 2010

I'm a weanie or "It ain't worth it."

I should be out there. In fact I want to be out there. Really, I do! But look at the weather:

Colder than *$!^ Yesterday actually put on my gear, caught the horse, led her to the gate, and then thought "It ain't worth it."
25° F | 20° F Tuesday Chance of Snow
38° F | 29° F Wednesday 80% chance of precipitation Chance of Rain NOT HOME
31° F | 13° F Thursday 20% chance of precipitation Chance of Snow NOT HOME
23° F | 13° F Friday 40% chance of precipitation Chance of Snow
22° F | 11° F Saturday 30% chance of precipitation Partly Cloudy

You will notice a trend. If I am home in the afternoon such as yesterday and today it is really cold which I can usually do, but in this case the wind is blowing and it just cuts right through you. The days that I'm not even home in the daylight and come shuffling in the door and head straight to bed, well-- those days are tolerable. Friday afternoon I'm off again and the thermometer will once again drop into the low twenties. I am telling myself that I am not riding today or the rest of the week for that matter because it is too much to ask of my horse. But the truth is, I'm just a cold weather weanie (longing for some nice and dry 40 degree temperatures in which case I'll be able to ride in short sleeves and work up a sweat). ~E.G.

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