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January 1, 2010


Started out my New Year "in style" today. Phebes sporting her new breastcollar which fits great! Me wearing my new Tipperary helmet. Let me tell ya, it is C-O-L-D out there today. But my philosophy is that I can crawl out to the barn and throw my leg over a horse...then I'm going to ride on New Year's Day. The footing is all frozen and difficult for the hooves to navigate so we did a whopping three miles, but must say I truly enjoyed myself. Doug hiked out to the field and worked the stop watch to see if I could better my time (which was pretty slow) each lap. Lap one took fifteen minutes, lap two took thirteen minutes, and lap three too twelve. So next time out I'll look to beat the twelve minute out of one of my three laps. The process being to trim my time down until I can't trim it down anymore. Once the hunting season is over I'll move out to my 3/4 mile loop and work it because it includes a whopper hill to climb, and another whopper on the other side to shimmy down.

Phebes was pretty hot when I was tacking her up, boogering around in the stall. I put her on a longe line for awhile then took her out to the field and headed off. The first loop she was blowing and "snortling" at things, but she settled in pretty quickly.

Hope you all get some horse time today. My girl was throwing off steam when we got back! Winter riding is so nice if you can just motivate to get out there and do it.~E.G.


  1. Allen and I just did a ten mile road ride this afternoon. The horses were sweating when we brought them back. After we warmed them up we did a good half mile gallop. Big mistake the horses wouldn't walk the whole rest of the way after that. (they pranced)The gelding can sure act just like Jazz when he is with her. (that means he thinks he's a racehorse, just like Jazz thinks she is one!)We weren't really cold at all. If you wear the proper clothes and stay out of the really strong winds it's not bad.


  2. Look on under Unique Blue Roan. It says IL. but the horses are still in Batesville, IN. She has 3. I just rode the chestnut mare with 3 white stockings. The blue roan was supposed to be real nice as well, but she would want a little more for her. Both chestnuts she'd sell for pretty cheap to a good home.