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December 5, 2009

Brown County State Park C-O-L-D

We took it easy today. Gwen wasn't able to make it, but we picked up another rider who came with Lida Pinkham. Phebes was very moody today. She did her job well, but she was giving mare ears constantly to all those geldings.

The Easyboot Gloves did great. Lida and I discovered a new "perk" to have those gaiters around the pastern. When the hoof punches through a frozen crust of soil, or iced over ruts, the gaiter actually protects the tender skin from abrasion. We also got into some really deep mud today. But I came home with all of my boots! Doc's boots stayed put too.

I was expecting the temperature to get above freezing today, so I was a little under-dressed for cold. Wasn't totally miserable but could have used another layer.

Phebes didn't drink at all today on trail, and at one point she decided she was going to lay down in the creek. I'm so glad I got that nipped in the bud, you talk about a cold horse and a cold rider...whew! When we got home it was time to be put up in the barn and she dove into a bucket of warm water, and then a nice hot mash. Doug had her hay rack stuffed and ready to go. Life is good ~E.G.

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