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December 19, 2009

Body Score Anybody?

I think my little chubby monkey is looking good, winter stinky dirty, but good. Not sure how to keep her looking this way when working? But this is the weight I'd like to keep.

Michelle if you stop in...if the footing gets decent and you want to do some ten mile training rides I'm up for it. I can haul to you if the weather/road conditions are clear for the day. Saturday or Sundays is about all the flexibility I have right now to go because my husband takes the truck to work during the week and I can't haul. I'd love to do some long gravel roads with you if you have them. I'd have to start out slow and gradually work in a little cantering when I feel she is safe enough to do so. Haven't meant to leave you hanging, just have a lot of stuff on my plate these days. ~E.G.


  1. I'll email you my phone and directions again. Come any weekend. My parents will be here Dec. 26th. (but I could still sneak out for a ride that day). And Allen should be off between Christmas and New Years.

    And I got a new horse. Just needed an extra. I was hoping he'd work out for the girls since he's smaller than mine. But he has a lot of "go". So I think they are just going to have to stick with STormy. She's very rateable and is downright easy to ride with another horse. My oldest loves Stormy anyway. So I'm going to have to share her. He's an 8 year old straight egyptain gelding.


  2. Congrats on the new gelding, that is fantastic! Can't wait to see him. Are you going to let your daughter ride endurance?

  3. If she wants to. I'm not going to push her. But I'd be glad if she wants to. Of course, it would be the ultimate worry for me. Worrying she won't get hurt and worrying the horses won't either.

    For now she just needs to learn how to ride well.

    Michelle Detmer