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October 17, 2009

Puttering along trying to build our confidence

Doug (LSEGH) went with me to the park today. The goal was for me to do "B" trail X's 2 laps. This trail is only 4 miles long, a lot of twisty, turning single track trail, and rolling small hills. We started out together with the plan that Doug and Cree would walk the trail, and that Phebes and I would trot when we could, and walk when we had to. He was doing one lap, and I was doing two. There was a little more mud than I'd anticipated, but we did get to move out here and there. I figured if we could keep our pace that Doug would finish his loop of trail, and I'd finish my second loop about 15-20 minutes later. As it worked out we ended up right together at the very end.

Phebes was running in slow gear for sure today. But at least she wasn't sucking back or balking. She just didn't want to stay in a sustained trot and that I believe was due to the deep mud. We'd trot for 20 or 30 strides, then have to walk about as many, and repeated the process. At today's pace we'd have never finished an LD, but she went where I pointed her, didn't really spook at anything, and we made two solo laps with no unplanned dismounts. I'll take it.

The scratches continue to be a problem on the hinds. The fronts are looking good. So I got some nitrofurazone (scary freaking stuff) and DMSO (equally scary) and we are treating the hinds with that. The riding through deep mud actually exfoliated most of the scabbing, and the creek washed off the mud. When we got home I gloved up, and really put the goo on thick. A very accomplished rider (friend) had a bad round of scratches on her horse and the horse went lame on 3 legs... and this was the recommendation of the FEI veterinarian. So twice a day with this stuff for a week, then back to the desitin for five days, and then see where we are. If it is healed, maintain with Desitin, if not repeat the Nitro/DMSO combo. I will say this goo really sticks.

Off to muck out the stalls...~E.G.

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