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April 24, 2009

Update on Phebes

Those hind muscles are loosening up. They are nice and cushy now when I poke and prod at her. Yesterday morning she was cantering around the paddock giving her Mama grief, pinning her ears trying to herd poor old Puddin. Appetite fully intact, urine is the proper color.

These past five days have seemed like an eternity. But so far, things are looking positive.

I phoned our horse vet yesterday and scheduled for her to come out on May 11th. At that time I'll have her enzymes checked, probably a selenium level, annual vaccinations, and a look at her teeth. I'm playing with the idea of going ahead with a Coggin's and Health Certificate in case we decide to go out of state at some point this year.



  1. There are some 15 mile and 25 mile CTR's in OH and KY, that wouldn't be too far away from you.

    Check out

    Abi-Khan in August has a 15 mile and 25 mile CTR and is just north of Kings Island in OH. Would be a lot closer than Salamonie Sizzler. We will probably go to it.

    There is also a CTR the end of June in OH, near Hillsburo that has a 18 mile novice CTR and a 25 mile CTR.

    Check it out!!!