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March 16, 2009

I think Phebes is erupting some new teeth.

Not sure of the timeline on molar eruption for young horses, but I think Phebes is getting some new teeth. She is slightly swollen on the left side of her jaw, and I noticed the bumps under her jaw (unerupted teeth) are no longer there. I'll keep an eye on it, just in case she has something going on there other than teeth.

She is in the electric pen for the day. Wondering if I need to leave her there overnight. Hate to do that without my hanging around to keep an eye on it.

We did paste worming practice this morning, and some groundwork exercises. She was really pretty good about it. Also worked on handling her hooves. She is cranky about the backs, so I'm trying to get her more accepting of that too.

Plan on saddling her up for some riding tonight. I may just stay up here and work on canter to trot, trot to canter transitions, stops & backups.

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  1. Have you ever had an equine dentist look at her ever? I have been told that I should have one look at my 7 month old. (they don't charge you unless they have to actually do some work) Don't just trust your vet either. I've heard, and pretty much believe that no one else should be working on their teeth other than a certified equine dentist.

    I HATE overnighting at rides because I don't want my horse to get loose. I am a terrible sleeper anyway so I really can't sleep at all at rides because I just listen for my horse or others to get loose. It doesn't happen that often though. I'm just paranoid.

    Michelle Detmer