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March 9, 2009

Anyone want to join us at Henryville next Saturday?

Our plan has changed somewhat. If you'd like to meet with us, just let me know about midweek, and then we will firm up plans. I will be riding tonight, then she will have Tuesday off.


  1. Hello! I would love to meet and hook up with some other endurance riders in the area. I live in Louisville so I'm relatively close. Saturdays are not good days for me to ride usually but almost any other morning would be fine. I need more riding buddies! Keep me updated and perhaps I'll be able to hook up with you guys soon. ~Kari

  2. Kari,

    That would be great! You may want to hook up with Nicole (Adventures on Arabee) as she is relatively close to you. We have 2 more rides planned at Henryville this month but they are both on Saturday. April I'll be riding at Versailles (IN) and you are welcome to join in there as well. Michelle D. rides at Henryville part of the time, as do a number of other riders whom I know of but have not yet met. We'd all be glad to have you. ~E.G.

  3. Kari, you could join Daniel Boone Distance Riders. That way you could meet a lot of riders from the Clark State forest area. There is Lois McAfee, Dixie Hunter, and Bill Wilson. Also, I think Cindy LaRoy-Young lives in Loisville but rides mostly at Clark. They are all members of Daniel Boone Distance Riders. If you go to the members list you can find phone numbers. I usually ride on Saturdays and Holidays out there.

    And Jacke, I can't go out there this saturday. I will probably go to Versailles the last saturday in march and do XYZ then AB.

    My horses are fine after the ride satuday. But I'm a little mad at myself for going so far so fast. It would have been alright if it wasn't so unusually hot. I know it took a lot out of both of them, especially Stormy. She has a very heavy winter coat still. Jazz looks like she's been clipped almost, she never got as hairy. I'm not going to ride again until friday I think. Although I've had both girls out and walked them up and down my road and thru the woods around here, on foot. They are moving just fine. Nothing wrong with their legs or back. I just know they lost a lot of sweat saturday.

    Michelle Detmer

  4. I thought Phebes looked like she's dropped weight after the past two rides. Is it normal for them to look "lighter" after a ride? I know 100 mile horses take off the weight, but we are only in training for LD's! I'm going to up her feed ration again. I've already increased fats. She doesn't have ribs showing, but I don't want ribs showing either. Having a little trouble balancing feed ration with work.