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February 25, 2009

Round pen work today

Trudged through the mud in my rubber boots and caught Phebes who was giving me that look that says "I think I'm gonna run from you." Granted, she didn't but I could hear the wheels turning in her brain. Up to the big used to be round but is now oval pen. First I worked her online, and all she wanted to do was charge around at a gallop, so I kept stopping her and changing her direction. Periodically I'd back her up by wiggling the line. At one point she squealed and reared striking with a front hoof, but fits are free so we just worked some more. I've found it is really counter productive to get upset, just roll with it, and work until I get a change in attitude. After she was working decent online, I let her off, and then it was fart, buck, squeal, and tear through the mud in big figure eights, so I just kept my eye on her and kept changing her direction until I had her attention. This took awhile. Soon as I did I turned and walked away. We did this a few times, and if she looked away I sent her off again. Eventually she was stopping when I told her to and finally she joined up, so we quit right there. I'm still thinking about riding tonight but not so sure one ground work session is enough after this last layoff from work? This horse has an incredible amount of go. You have to be careful as she gets fitter and fitter doing round work and you can easily have longer and longer sessions.

Sit down ladies because something miraculous has happened here. THE SUN IS OUT AND PHEBES IS SHEDDING! I'm so happy I can't stand it. That means this long dragging winter is almost.......over. The weather doesn't get too reliable here until May, but at least the gray snow days should be able done for. I love it when the horses start shedding.

The size O boots came today. These are the pre-2005 boots and looking at them I don't really see what the difference is. The gaiter if anything looks sturdier than the last pair of Epics I had, and the clamp has the whole drilled for kotter pins (probably spelled wrong). I haven't looked to see if the gaiters can be replaced, that may be the issue. But if the gaiters go bad, I'll just foam these puppies on!

Must get off here and fix my husband some real food, he's been deprived all week and I have two back to back LONG work days coming up. ~E.G.

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