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February 24, 2009

Rotational Worming Schedule Link

Valley Vet has a rotational worming schedule on their site:

This schedule rotates a different wormer about every two months. If you haven't done your winter deworming do it now, and you will be off and running on your rotational program.
#1 The wormer recommended now is Benzimidazole which is found in Panacur, Safe-Gaurd, and Equi-bits. I ordered Phebes wormer for the year from them for the next four months and spent very little (about $20) including the shipping by going generic when I could.

#2 Ivermectin after the spring thaw

#3 Pyrantel late spring to early summer

#4 Benzimidazole Summer

#5 Ivermectin early fall

#6 Pyrantel after the freeze in the fall.

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