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February 8, 2009

Photos of Phebes in her current tack set-up.

We went out for a short ride today alone. She did really well. Some of the trails were thawed out enough to ride, but the areas in the woods and our back field still has a crust on it. We only looped it once, and went on back where it had thawed better. For some reason she tried to spin back on me once. She stopped when I said "whoa". So I'll take that. We rode back down the gravel road. The sky is so beautiful today, and it felt so good to go out and not have forty layers of clothes on. THINK SPRING!!!

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  1. YeaAAA!!! Sounds wonderful! Your blue bridle/breastcollar set looks gorgous!! Saddle looks comfotable too. What long thick mane! throat feels a bit irritated today- Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's Spring Fever?! I'm tired!! Still want to get out and try to ride!
    Thank you for your post & pictures!