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February 10, 2009

Last year's birthday vs. this year's birthday

Today is my birthday. A year ago today I "re-started" Phebes who promptly tossed me off onto my head and I spent the next three days being kind of fuzzy and not in a good way. All I wanted for my birthday this year was to get to ride my horse. No little thing with ice storms, snow storms, rain, and now mud out the WAZOO. Didn't get home until 5:00pm tonight, and as I was driving rain started to sprinkle on my windshield, and my mood quickly began to deflate, as my day long expectation was take Phebes out even if for just a little while. I came in the house pretty bummed, and then said to myself, WHAT THE HECK, if I get wet I'll survive it. So I changed clothes, knocked some of the mud off of her, saddled up and went mudding on the hills. We had a nice 45 minute session on the sloggiest muddy hills you'd ever want to see. She did great! This horse can shimmy up a muddy hill, and she can slide on down with the best of them. If there is one thing I'm loving about her it is that. Her mama was a hill climbing fool, but in the mud she was a 1000 lb accident waiting to happen. Phebes will run in the wet on the flat, and she can handle the muddy up and downs, so this will make us less limited in our training sessions. She also experienced two very large flapping fish eating type birds that hang out on Laughery Creek, she spooked in place, but didn't lose it, GOOD PHEBES! My hubby bought her hackamore for my birthday, and my friends at work got me a set of hand weights and those exercise bands for my upper body workouts. My daughter sent me a lovely bouquet. My brother did his best rendition of Happy Birthday on my voice mail, and my Mom remembered me too. Doug scooped out the stalls, and fixed me a steak dinner while I went mudding on Phebes. What a nice birthday ~E.G.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Boy, you've got it bad if you were out riding in the rain today!

    Michelle Detmer