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February 24, 2009

First Aid Kit for the Horse

Okay, my mood has shifted.

Today I decided we need to have a horse first aid kit put together for my travels and home. So at lunch today I headed to the Dollar Store to see what they might have to offer in the way of affordable goods for the first aid kit.

I brought home antibiotic salve, zinc oxide salve, cortisone cream, hydrogen peroxide, mosquito wipes, and maxi pads (which make good bandages under vet wrap in an emergency...they are nonstick, and absorbant, and the sticky side attaches to the vet wrap and stays in place).

On my list to buy a little at a time are:

Antifungal cream (great for early onset of scratches) $4
Betadine wash (dilute for minor wounds, or to wash off boo boos) $5
Bute (after ride muscle soreness) I have some
Rolls of vet wrap, a dozen as I use them when booting too, gives a boot grip $15
Banamine (post ride if directed by a veterinarian) *choke* $45
Electrolytes $14
Sealed jug of water $2
wet wipes $3
Scissors $ 5
Duct tape & Disposable diaper for instant hoof boot if injured ,should have some
Clean dish towel & clean bath towels which I'll just bleach up some I have
Eye wash have some
Thermometer ??? I'll have to check with the vet on that one.
Twitch (have one, but need to find it)
Ice packs has been suggested! Excellent idea!!!

So about $90 if purchased all at once, but I'll just pick up a couple items a week to make it less painful. A tote will need scrubbed out to keep it in, and I'm thinking a see through one would be best.

Can anyone think of anything else for a very basic equine first aid kit?


  1. Here's my (cheap) suggestions:

    Old socks (cut off the toe and slip over the leg - and maxi pad- and voila! fancy bandage.

    Dental floss: great for all sorts of things, especially if you have to sew a bandage on....

    If you comfortable/would ever use on - a twitch. In an emergency, sometimes it's REALLY important the horse stand still and you don't want to tranqualize.....I've twitched with my hands on the lips (not my horses) before and it works short term. I as a rule wouldn't use one, but you never may be someone else's horse that needs your emergency kit.

    pick up some disposable gloves at the $1 store. Some kinds of medications, creams etc. you really don't want to get on your hands.

    An old towel. very useful

    duct tape....great for hoof bandages.

    I have a question about the bute - I have some and I have thought about using it after rides for muscle soreness/inflammation reduction, but I'm nervous about it because I'm won't be able to see the subtle signs of overwork. What do you think? What's your philosophy?

  2. Bute

    Well, I don't think I'd use it during training, because you really want to know if the horse is having a problem post ride, so you give adequate rest, or address an issue pronto with the vet.

    Post competition I'd be okay giving some to my horse after the final vet out as long as the horse was eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping. I'd figure the horse was going to get rest for at least 3 days post ride, and it would ease any post ride muscle aches for the drive back home. I would not give Bute if I thought the horse was having any borderline issues that might be worthy of visiting a vet, because I agree I'd not want to mask symptoms. Mostly I'd want to have it in case a ride vet recommended it, same as the banamine. Bute or Banamine given on to regular basis could cause digestive problems, so just as "first aid" when warranted. That would be my philosophy.

    I like the sock idea. And the duct tape! Duct tape is like the handiest thing on the planet.

  3. Oh! The latex gloves are a must have for foaming on boots....I need to get some.


  4. I also have a thermometer, stethascope, sanitary napkins (pads)very hygenic for wounds. good pair of scissors.

  5. Scissors and thermometer are very good ideas and I had thought of neither.

  6. I keep a tupperware container with cosmetic pads soaking in alchohol on hand in my kit. Kind of like homemade alchohol prep pads which can be handy for a variety of things. I also try to keep Azium on hand which is great for allergic reactions, although of late, it's hard to come by.

    Great list you have going!

  7. Hi Endurance Granny, this is a great topic and giving me ideas too! I have one to add, if you haven't thought about about an instant ice pack? I have one that came with a first aid kit I bought at Wal-Mart. They also make those instant cooling products for horses (can't remember what it's called). You can also bring a traditional ice pack if you have ice on hand, or store blue ice in a cooler at a ride. Cooling liniment is good too! Happy trails...