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February 7, 2009

Endurance Granny...the new look!

I decided yesterday that since we are going into a new phase in our pre-LD adventure that the blog should have a new look. Since everything depends on Phebes, I decided she should be in the header, which is a segment of my favorite photo of her doctored up with a lot of smudging in Paint Shop. I like how the header turned out, part photo, part painting, a little strange...but I like it!

This morning I opened the door at 5:30 AM to the wonderful sound of trickles of water (MELTING SNOW). Never in my wildest imagination did I think I'd look forward to mud, but yes, I'm really enjoying the prospect of slogging through the mud, and sliding down some hills.

Speaking of a new look, yesterday at Walmart in their sportswear section I found the cutest little spring zip up vest. They had them in white, charcoal, royal blue, and black. You can wear it as a vest with a long sleeve shirt under it, or alone as a zip-up top. It has two zip closed flat pockets so you don't get hung up on anything while riding. It was under $15. (mine is royal blue).

The boxers and cats live here too, but there are five more strays not pictured. Rat Terrier is Maggie May who jumped in my car stinky and wet on Christmas Eve. The boxer on the left is Spoody, and the dark faced boxer on the right is Molly. The striped cat is Stripey, the yellow cat is Catfael, and the long haired tabby is Mama Cass. These cats were all dumped here, and they were nearly starved, since then I've had a pregnant wild female dropped here that has produced two kittens. Also roaming and eating here is Daisy Duke (a bassett beagle cross) who belongs who knows where. We've reached critical mass here with other people's cast off pets. It makes my heart sad that people can be that way. If anyone needs a couple little barn cats let me know, there are two black and white kittens that REALLY need a good home, their Mama does too.



  1. Love the new look! I haven't figured out how to do that neat stuff yet. I would like to add a picture slidshow to my blog- I know they have the gadgit- I just can't seem to get things to co operate.
    There is good & bad in everything- the snow seems to help keep the critters cleaner- the mud means warmth is on it's way!
    If you ride- take things slowly & and be safe!
    ...I want a vest!! :P...

  2. I like your new look. I think the picture you used as the header is the same as the one in the side bar? I like the smudging....I've never used a photo program so it's the first time I've seen it.

  3. Yes, the photo is the same. I'm not very good at manipulating photos but this was fun. Like playing in finger paint! The cat picture had a fourth black cat, I smudged him out of the photo. He was a nice little cat named Grady.