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January 9, 2009

We went for a short pleasure ride today

Looks like tomorrows ride is canceled. Too much risk for snow with icing conditions.

So we went for a short pleasure ride, and she was just a pistol. I've come to the conclusion that much of that behavior is nothing but barn sourness, wanting back with her pasture mates. New crop in hand, I pointed her the right direction and away we went. It was kind of neat riding through the woods with the semi melting snow all around. Phebes is the color of a winter landscape, grey, white, brown, and black. She blened right in, except for the royal blue riding crop *LOL* No milage to speak of, just doddering around in our own woods, and reminding Phebes that "yes" we do still saddle up and go.

Checked my Garmin today for Phebes top speed last weekend, drumroll...........28mph.

Measured her hooves today to compare the measurment to the new Easyboot Gloves coming out. I'm not so sure I'll be able to fit her. Her hooves are very round and they do not fall into the guideline of the chart that Garrett posted on his blog. I'll probably still get a fit kit just too see if anything will work. My husband measured her and came up with a different result than I did, by my measurements we were looking at size 0. He had a width of 116 mm and a length of 104 mm measuring to the heel buttress. I believe that I measured too far back and I wasn't using a metric tool. I was using a regular "non-metric" ruler and having to estimate and convert to metric, which was not so accurate. Based on his measuremints, with her width she'd need a 1 or 1.5 boot but they would be too long by 18 mm. It seems like most of the boots on the market today are not taking into consideration the shape of true barefoot horse. What's up with that? I'll leave my judgment on hold until I actually try fitting her, but I'm not holding my breath after today's measurements. ~E.G.

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