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January 4, 2009

Phebes level of conditioning

Based on her performance yesterday I think we are very close to our goal for a 25 mile ride. When we quit and I trotted her out, she had so much impulsion that my short little legs couldn't keep up. I'm hoping that Chris or David can bring a heart monitor to one of our rides so that I can get an idea of how she is pulsing down. I feel that is the best tool I could have to see how she is doing. I know there was still gas in the tank, but that is not the indicator I wish to draw from because mentally she may have more go than is healthy at this point from a conditioning standpoint.

I talked to Chris about doing some multi-days with the horses this summer. My rule book is somewhere, I'll have to see if that is okay on a novice horse for the first year.

Later today I want to go out and take a hard look at her hooves. She was running bare on a lot of gravel yesterday. She didn't so much as twitch an ear, but I want to check for chipping on her roll, and have that touched up if needed.
Day after post ride check:
She's in heat! Oh the joys of riding a mare.
Doug checked her feet they looked great. He touched up the roll on her front feet since he didn't have her on the hoof stand last time. The roll was there just not as well done as I like it. Now it's pretty!
She seemed kind of muscle sore to me. Especially those big rump muscles. She just went faster than she needed to yesterday. Thus breaking the rule of ride faster, or farther, but not both at the same time. So I need to think of a strategy for how I'm going to ride the next few rides. My feeling is we need to work on my balance at speed, and bettering our time over a 10 mile track. If footing is good A + B trail would suffice. Then when I do XYZ later on, work on bettering our time over that one. Yesterday we did A = 1:08:00 that was as a second loop. The ride previously we did A= 1:00:00 also as a second loop, but doubling A, not XYZ + A like yesterday. So we were a little slower, but she had expended a lot more energy yesterday over all before the second loop.

We don't want to post ride check me....I hurt all over. ~E.G.

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