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January 31, 2009

My favorite blogs, what is your geographic region?

I'd love to know where some of the folks who stop and have blog sites related to distance riding live. If you could post up your blog url, your state and your region of the state I'd love to know.

As for me....I'm in the southeastern corner of INDIANA. ~E.G.


  1. No, my new farm in Indiana will be the very south east corner of indiana. Your a whole hour from it. Ha!

    Michelle Detmer

  2. South Western Iowa! Come on out- Let's ride! :P

  3. Eastern Washington/Southern Idaho (depending on the time of year)!

  4. Central California :)

    My blog is endurance related, although I do throw in some of my horsey civil war stuff (mounted artillery and driving a 2 horse ambulance) and music.

  5. said "favorite blogs...." I'm probably not in that category, but hey, at least you know where I'm from now! LOL

  6. I'm in Southern Nevada; I've been a fan of endurance for 15 years and now have a horse I'm starting under saddle. My goal is to do a 50 when I'm 50. I'm 46 now. I love this blog, you have so many useful links and I love the title. Thanks for the inspiration.