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January 1, 2009

Leadership vs. The Herd Instinct

Phebes has been doing really well the last few weeks. We have ridden with a smaller group (one other horse, 3 times). The first time she unraveled early on, settled in and was fine for the rest of the ride. The next two times she was fine the entire ride. Saturday the group will be larger, and I'm wondering if these calms sessions will have made a difference, or will she blow off my leadership and go with the herd instinct? Pulling, running, and making me a passenger rather than a partner/leader.

Doug and I plan to go for a short ride today at the park. Maybe 7 miles or so. I didn't get the opportunity to try out the hackamore yesterday. It was so bitterly cold I just was a cold weather weenie, and didn't want to do it. Since it is just Doug and I, perhaps I'll try it out at the park today, and pack my other bridle with me just in case it turns out I have "less" rather than "more" control. ~E.G.

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