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January 24, 2009

About 13 miles of hillwork at Brown County State Park today.

Chris had me all over God's green acre today. Some of that Brown County State Park is just beautiful, feels like you are lost in the foothills (big foothills). We didn't move out very fast today. Phebes is still bare and bootless, and I worry about the concussion of the frozen ground against the sole of the hoof. She moved out alright today, but we just didn't rush it. We worked some very long steep hills, so I figure the slow work is good to build them up.

My Garmin had trouble working at Brown County. I believe the hills were the problem, but the first two hours of our ride it didn't record much. When we finished up I was showing about 12. 38 miles, though I know we did a little more than that.

I drove a different route to get to Brown County today, taking 65 North to Columbus, and then west, and again south to the park. The drive was way less stressful than the route I had been taking, but it just ate the gasoline, using 3/4 of a tank of gas. So I guess next trip I'll just have to stress my way through the plethora of traffic lights, and the curvy highway. Yep, gonna have to suck it up in the name of gas mileage.

Phebes did great as far as behavior on the trail today. No spooking, ears perked forward, no battling or fighting. The one thing we need to work on is passing other horses. She wants to but gets freaked out about it and just kind of hangs back at the other horse's shoulder. I'm also going to need to figure out a way to carry a little hay along with me on the trail, so I can give her a bite now and then. I might switch back to my larger cantle pack and stuff a little in there, as there is nothing available on trail this time of year. Makes for a long day and an empty stomach which can lead to ulcers. Just a few handfuls would make "me" feel better. We usually stop for lunch and that would be a good time to give her a little hay, and maybe a baggie full of horse chow. Phebes didn't really drink today either. I thought that was behind us, but evidently not. It perplexes me, because she acts like she wants the water, sniffs it, licks her lips, but won't tank up. The only time she has drank on trail so far was when we did 20 miles, and she drank good on the last trail loop that day. She drank a half bucket as soon as we got home, and she was eating her hay, but she didn't seem interested in her wet mash.

I didn't feel the exhaustion today myself. Of course we were moving at a pretty easy pace, but the times I did trot her for awhile, it was on a loose rein, and I didn't get fatigued. Hoping that if I continue riding the bike it will help me in that respect.

The temps today were in the upper 20's, the sun was out, and the sky was a beautiful blue with fluffy clouds. Really didn't feel cold, as there was no wind. At one point I was ready to shed my jacket!

It was a good ride today, and I'm so grateful that Chris has extended her friendship my way. ~E.G.


  1. You can use hay cubes. I usually take some with me for trail rides.

    I got to ride a little bit today. We spent most of the day putting a roof on the lean-to-shelter on our big pasture at the farm. But it was nice to get on and ride for a bit. I was cold. And I had on long underwear, wool socks, and a face mask even (my nose freezes) and I was still freezing. My body just can't handle the 20's or anything lower than that.

    Glad you got to ride. Sounds like Phebe is doing great!

    Michelle Detmer

  2. If you are cold, you aren't working hard enough! *LOL* I had layers (3), gloves, and 2 pair of socks. We were riding in the hills, which helped block the wind.