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December 19, 2008

The price of Beet Pulp is skyrocketing

Beet Pulp without molasses has always been a feed staple here for the horses. I purchased a 40 pound bag today that was over $20. At that price it is no longer a good choice for adding bulk in the hind gut, when hay is cheaper! I'm just shaking my head in disbelief...that price is higher than some of the premium feeds that are fortified with vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. So why on earth would I want to pay in excess of $20 for a bag of the beet pulp? The world has indeed gone crazy. It makes me worry about being able to supply our horses with all they need in the future if the economy continues in this lag, while the prices of things continue to soar. I'm done ranting. ~E.G.


  1. I emailed you this but I don't think you got it yet.:

    Tara cancelled on me. I "could" still go if I can get the trailer out and if hubby will let me go by myself. If you want to come out to my farm you can, Chris too. I can make sure we ride on "green-horse safe" trails only. I'll try to make it out to Versailles but I'm a little doubtful, not that
    I can't but that nobody else in my family really wants me too, especially alone. And I can't just drive the trailer out without any help tomorrow with all this rain today. Maybe I can talk my husband into going too, butI doubt it.

    And to add to that; I've been talking to my husband on the phone and he was hoping I'd just ride with him at the farm tomorrow. Since nobody's going with me. We burn wood and he was wanting to pull up some wood from the woods out there to bring it back here for our stove.

    who was hoping to be your lead horse for the trail. (I always LOVE riding in the lead.)

  2. I've heard it's going up in price all over the US - hope it drops down by spring. I agree that it is just too expensive at over $20 for 40 # to feed it very often. Yikes!

    I'm fortunate enough that the local Wal Mart carries a Manna Pro feed - for about $8 for 40# (used to be $6) I can get a 10% complete feed that is low in molasses that the horses like better than anything.

    The world has gone crazy!!!