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December 21, 2008

Forecasted Temps tonight 7 degrees, windy

We had to put our horses up in the barn early tonight. With the wind it is just insanely cold out there. Puddin' and Cree looked good, but Phebes was shivering. I'm concerned I've thinned her down too much for the winter. Over the next few days we are going to switch her back to Nutrena Safechoice for the winter and try to get in some extra Megacalories. The Lite Balance was definitely the good choice for slimming, but that coupled with some miles tipped her over to thin. If it were summer I'd feel she looked fine, but she also needs to generate body heat. Doug fixed her a big bucket of warm mash, which raised her core temp and she stopped shivering. I put a blanket on her to help her to retain some warmth over night.

The cats (all six of them, dumped here over the summer) are piled up in a card board box that has a round cut out hole and blankets in it. Daisy Duke (beagle dumped her one month ago) is in the straw bale house Doug built for her on the porch, also stuffed with blankets. Daisy will probably come in at bedtime, she's old, and I'll worry. Of course the two boxers are housedogs anyway, so they have no worries other than when they get the next doggie biscuit.

Hoping that this arctic trend does not last. I don't like working a horse in temps like this, too hard on the respiratory system breathing in super cold air, and sweating in these temps would have to be bad. So I just won't do it!

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