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December 21, 2008

The Crestridge Saddle

I tried out the Crestridge saddle on Phebes yesterday. It weighs about 20 lbs. vs. 15 for my Abetta. She had a nice even sweat pattern, a dry channel down her spine where the Crestridge pad and tree create some lift there. She was much more free with her trot, and finally quit breaking into a canter from the trot most of the time. She got excited a few times and broke gait, but then with correction came back down to the trot. I didn't have any knee pain. I'm thinking about putting english leathers on it (I have some that will work) and my lightweight stirrups. That would take off at least four or five pounds and keep me in my weight division. Right now I don't know what to call myself as depending on how I rig it I end up 184 or 187 lbs. My understanding is that the middle weight division in this region is pretty competitive, as is feather weight. No chance of me getting into feather weight *LOL*! Now I could eat potatoes and donuts every day next year and get into heavy weight, but Phebes couldn't trot anymore, guess I'll have to stick with what ever I turn out to be.

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