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November 4, 2008

Spook Run LD at Clark State Forest

I guess the Limited Distance ride at Spook Run was exciting this weekend. Michelle Detmer placed 3rd, and her horse stood for BC (which she doesn't know the result of that yet). Weather and life permitting, I hope to ride with her this weekend. I look forward to meeting her, as she has similar "horse philosophy" ideals. She is running her horses barefoot/booted which is my intention to do with Phebes over the long haul. I will watch her results carefully, and was very excited that she made such a good run at Spook as her horse was booted X 4 wearing Epics on the front, and Bares on the back. She reported that she did have a few issues with one of the Bares coming off on the hind, but it didn't slow her down too much! Michelle's friend placed 2nd riding a "loaner" horse, Tonka Toi belonging to Lois M. some loaner!!! *LOL* Congratulations on a fantastic ride. ~E.G.

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