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November 23, 2008

Post Ride Check

Phebes seemed alright. She indicated a little soreness on her off side wither. No retracting from pain, just some mare ears, may have been nothing. I noticed during the faster portion yesterday that my saddle became off "kilter" in that process just a little, which could possibly be the culprit. Put her into the round pen and let her trot around and loosen up a little, then out to eat her morning hay ration. I'll see how she wants to be caught later.

After lunch today I took her out for a hike on foot. Phebes always likes this. She got to pick at grass in the back field. I took her baseline resting pulse and it was 36 bpm.

This evening I saddled her up and rode the perimeter of our field and woods, to about 3 miles, and swallowed hard and cantered up the neighbors field. At first she felt like she was wanting to bolt away, but I put a little pressure on her and said "easy...easy...." She settled in to a nice lope down the field, and came down to a stop when I asked her. That was nice. She's funny though. I always dismount at the end of the field about fifty yards from the road, and walk her in the rest of the way on foot. She comes to an abrupt halt there and looks at me like "aren't you getting off"?!! I'll be so glad when the shotgun season for deer is over so we can get out and about again. I'm thinking about hand walking her down the roads until it is ho-hum, and maybe booting and doing some road riding during the winter months. I just worry about getting dumped and her bolting off down the road, so not so sure about that.

She was a good ride tonight. Only one little spook in place thing, but I'll take that over the spinning ANY DAY!


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