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November 25, 2008

Picking the pace

Now that we have established that Phebes can move forward (albeit faster than she should fly) the next leg of her training must be rating her speed. I don't want to set a pattern of her pulling, and running through the bridle. So a strategy will need thought out so that we can take advantage of these winter conditioning rides, and keep her respectful of me and the bridle at the same time. In an enclosed area such as the front paddock Phebes will trot out at 5-6 mph pretty consistently. In the wide open spaces she wants to run about a 9 mph canter.

The plan: I'm going to take my Garmin on Sunday and get behind Chris and see what speed Toby is gaiting. If he is gaiting in the "zone" I'll see if we can find a straight stretch and just work on it with Phebes following Toby. If Toby is gaiting above 7 mph....I've got to think about how to handle it. If I put her in the lead, she'll want to gallop and we aren't doing that. Oh what to do...what to do! ***E.G. hand wringing ***

Really I'm just so happy to have someone willing to ride with me. At least I feel like if I have an unplanned dismount there is someone there to be sure I stand back up. It is a heady wonderful feeling. ~E.G.

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