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November 5, 2008

More info available on the new Easyboot Glue On

More complete info from the source here:

I've been just holding my breath....waiting for this new product from Easycare Hoof Inc. We have a set of the Bares, but I haven't even tried them because as soon as I saw this new boot, I've been convinced that it will be the answer for me. This new glue on boot will weigh half (yes HALF!) the weight of the current hoof boots. You can glue it on and go without the gaiters or you can skip the glue and gaiter up. The boot design is sleek without all the bulk of previous designs, meaning less interference for those horses who you hear that boot rub as you go. My feeling is that this lighter boot will also mean less strain on tendons and ligaments. I'm pumped!!! I'm wondering what the price will be on a set of four?

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