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November 5, 2008

Lil Bit of Magic

We had a little pre-ride up in the arena area, worked her until the Garmin said we'd done a mile, then I rode her on out the field, and did a few laps out back. She froze on me a couple times (which often preceeds a major flying roll back and me lying in a heap on the ground), but I was able to redirect her attention to me each time. The key seems to be recognizing her body language and getting the jump on her reaction. I'm trying to tighten the rein and get her to back up each time, then move out forward again. Or bend side to side, anything but spook!!! I did not work towards any speed at all. If she can't relax at the walk, there is no sense in trying to push her on into her fear. Tonight was much better. She did her hills nicely, and we galloped up one which she seems to really like, but gets her a little worked up. So we kind of limit that. Our distance wasn't much to brag over, but we had a nice calm ride, and she had ground work and trailer loading today after her bath. Have a long work day tomorrow, won't even get to see the horses. Thank goodness for husbands on a long day.

I'm trying to coordinate a ride with somebody this weekend. Michelle thought she'd ride the park on Saturday, but the weather is supposed to turn off wet and cold by the last report I heard. I don't mind wet in the summer, but not in 40 degree temps, woooo weeeee! We'll just have to see how things go. I've also invited Donna B. down for Sunday if she would like to ride???? ~E.G.

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