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November 27, 2008


The bird is in the oven, homemade rolls are in the process of rising....the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving. My daughter and grandson are coming to eat with us.

Later in the day, another ride on Phebes, she is very moody. She actually made an attempt to bite me, nipped my upper arm. I warmed her up in the front pen, and got her out and headed down the road. She did one of those big spinning roll backs, and almost unseated me on the gravel, the neighbor's dog goes trotting by....I get myself righted and point her that way again, no go. She balks, and she starts backing and backing and backing, won't go forward. I try seat, leg, pop with rein, she pitches a fit, and goes backward some more. Ends up the only way I'm getting her down there is driving her from the ground, so we did. We get into the field and she takes a swipe at me with her hind foot *grievious sigh*. Granny is getting pretty ticked by this time, which is never productive. We do a few respect from the ground exercises. I remount, and we head out. The first little loop was a little tense, and she tried to spin back two more times, but not so intense as she can do, so I was able to stay on board, point her right back where we were headed, and push on forward. This all sounds terrible, and it did start out pretty rocky. But by mile five she was making those happy relaxed horse sounds, paying attention, and going where I pointed her. We trotted out on one section of the trail and she did really well winding down the trail at a nice forward momentum. A longer straight stretch we tried again, but she broke gait into a canter and I had to shut her down. I was very pleased with her downhills since it is muddy out there and she was sliding a little, but kept her nose straight, and down we went. Hoping to get back out again tomorrow! ~Endurance Granny

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