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November 21, 2008

Checking out the gears on Phebes for tomorrow

Walked out to the trailer and loaded up some things that will be needed tomorrow. Phebes saw me going in and out of the trailer and started galloping the frozen tundra, snorting, blowing, and saying in her own way I don't think so.....but little did she know that I was coming out there armed with the secret weapon, she didn't have a chance. Visualize. Rope halter nicely draped over gloved left hand, chopped carrot in left hand, Endurance Granny sitting sprawled in comfort on a tree stump, left hand extended. Phebes comes galloping up -----SKIDDING---- to a halt right in front of me, cautiously eyeing the carrots, nose twitching, ear tipping back and forth, suspicious of that halter, but HAVE TO HAVE CARROT. Left hand slides up and over nose, horse caught, voila'! We did our round pen bending exercises, horse ballet, sidepassing both directions, scratch scratch scratch that itch, loading in the horse trailer, took a walk down the gravel road and snortled at all the strange stuff at the neighbors, little flags along the road, a highway cone, big blue trailer, culverts, and big rocks. Seemed like all the gears are working, we'll load up in the morning and ride!

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