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November 5, 2008

Best of In the Night Farm Contest at The Barb Wire

Visit this link, offer up your favorite informative blog post from In the Night Farm's Barb Wire and you get a chance to win a beautiful handmade bosal, just by reading and choosing your favorite.

Check it out:

My personal favorites are those articles that speak to my path, and chosen style of riding. We ride bitless, so the latest article which includes Dr. Cook's Bitless really spoke to me. All of my horses go bitless, and I don't understand fully the belief that a bit "controls" the horse. Communication is the rider's control, that includes leg, seat, rein, voice, even where you are looking. All can be used to move our horses, stop our horses. If any of you have seen the bridle free reining exhibitions, these are beautiful examples of communication and partnership with the horse, without the pain of metal in the horse's mouth.

Stop in at The Barb Wire a wonderfully informative, and well written Endurance Blog.

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