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October 25, 2008

Phebes was pretty good today

I did some longe line exercises, side passed her up and down the fence, horse ballet (as instructed in Frank Bell's training series), trailer loaded, and checked out the BIG SPOOKY MULCH PILE! Then we walked on the spooky mulch pile, led down the road, opened and closed the mailbox, and checked out a trash bag I had sat out for pickup. Used the trimmers on her bridle path as she was looking like she had a mohawk (I kind of like it on the male gender, but not on my horse *LOL*), did the wiggle the rope you back up thing. She was mostly good, a little lazy though, had to reinforce the trot quite a few times, and she tried to walk past me once on lead line, so we had to do the propeller rope thing to get her to respect staying back where she belongs. Pushy horse! I'd have to give her a good 95% today. Plan to do some more of it tomorrow, and then ride. Hoping the day will be as crisp, clear, and beautiful as today was.~Endurance Granny

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