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October 7, 2008

Phebes had the day off on Monday

After her ride Sunday she had her rub down, hauled home, and was turned out. She energetically went through her cantering here and there ritual, and flopped in the hay pile and rolled. That evening when I brought them up to feed and go in their stalls I thought I'd brush her as the dry sweat had her looking like a curly. When I ran the brush over her side, she pulled away so hard she almost fell over. I ran my hands over her back and sides pushing and prodding for soreness, nothing, no response, but when I'd run the bristles of her brush over the skin she'd about go nuts. She is very thin skinned, and has a coat so fine that people ask me if I clip her (I don't). The only thing I could figure was maybe the trailer heated up enough that she leaned against the metal and had a very light burn? Or maybe she is bracing against the side wall when she rides and sort of bruised the skin superficially? Strangest thing...I checked her last night and whatever it was is gone. I'm going to get some of those high density foam mats for camping, and Doug is going to glue those onto the side walls of the trailer, just in case!

I practiced loading her again last night. It is still taking about three to five times to get her in, but she is getting more relaxed about it. We are working on loading with the trailer in the "leaving" position. Hope to ride tonight.~Endurance Granny


  1. I experienced something similar with Aaruba after his first 50-miler. Seems his saddle pad shifted around just enough to rub his hairs back and forth, making his skin sore over several hours of work. Like Phebes, he had no muscle or other deep soreness; just the skin was affected, but it was obviously quite painful. Is it possible that some tack was lightly rubbing Phebes, causing soreness but no lesion?

    Horses! Do the problems never end?? ;-)

  2. Do the problems ever end?


    I'm kind of thinking no.....

    Actually I recall commenting on the saddle being kind of "loose", but we were using a tacky pad, so I wasn't all that concerned. You may be onto something. But I'm telling you, it was the strangest thing I've encountered yet! ~EG