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October 12, 2008

Checked on Phebes today for soreness

She seemed a little sore in the girth area, and I thought the right side of her withers seemed sore. We didn't have any dry spots yesterday, but the fit of this saddle is just barely fitting. I'm still trying to get all the components together for the treeless that I bought, and don't even know if it will work for her or me yet. I put it on her today to try and determine what size girth I'll need, and it looks like 20 inches if I get holes punched all the way to the top. The billets are so long and the holes so far down, that she'd use about a six inch girth if I used the holes as they are. Anyone have any six inch girths on your "my little pony"? So I'll be seeing if Locust Grove Tack's owner, Mr. Huffman can help me out with some properly spaced holes. The crupper looked like it is going to fit much nicer on the treeless than it did on the gaited saddle. The wintec breast collar is going to work, but I may need some more holes to shorten it where it slips over the girth. After all that is said and done, will the saddle fit me? I absolutely cannot stand anything rubbing on my inner thigh, or other sensitive areas if you get my drift....and no amount of monkey butt will fix that (that sounded wrong in all kinds of ways). So we will see.

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