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September 1, 2008

First trailer ride since the disaster, and first ride at the Versailles State Park!

Phebes did great! The trailer ride made her a little nervous, but not frantic like when the "trainer" brought her home and scared her to death hopping hills, and slamming around curves. She unloaded calmly and we walked around the day parking area of Versailles State Park. She seemed very interested in all the goings on, and the horses. I sprayed her with fly repellent, brushed her down a little, saddled her up, and off we went! We took the short "B" loop which is an elongated figure 8 of about 4.5 miles. She hesitated in a few places, was worried about downed trees, especially dead cedar trees. She had one spook, but it was a spook in place, so not so bad. Her uphills and downhills were FANTASTIC!!! Just a nice pitty pat pace down the hills, and she didn't rush going up either. Our biggest obstacle was the horse flies which were just terrible. Endurance Granny (5) vs. Horse Flies (2). She was a little sticky getting loaded but got in on the third attempt. So today was another milestone. First Trailer Ride, First time on a public trail, and she rode it solo!!!! (Honestly there are not enough exclamation points to get across how THRILLED I am). ~Endurance Granny

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