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September 6, 2008

Distance: 3 miles / Time: 01:01:35

The GPS came yesterday ,and I have enough batteries to probably last me six months or more ****grin****. I tried it out today and found that my little Phebes is moving kind of SLOW. But she's moving so that is a big improvement of a month ago when she wanted to balk and back up constantly. We went out mostly to test out the Garmin for time/distance. The first time I get the opportunity I'm going to ride the big loop and know finally the distance involved. I always guessed about five miles because it took an hour out and back at the walk. It is very hilly, so it is hard to get a fix on distance based on speed. When I go back to the park I'll also measure those loops using GPS to see what the true distances are there. It will be good trail training for Phebes and will give me some accurate data for planning our training loops. I will probably find a 10 mile loop and stick with it. This way I can tell how she is progressing by our time. Right now she's walking just over 3 mph (2 mph slower than her Mom). She wants to move out on the hills but I'm not letting her.

Our current training goal is for her to be forward moving on her own power on a loose rein. As soon as she breaks gait (which right now is walk) I one rein her in, and immediately release. I want her head to be free of constriction at all gaits, and expect this will certainly take some time. Once I can depend on her to do that, we will start stepping up to the trot on short flat sessions, doing the same thing, with head floating free unless she makes a mistake, then she'll be reined in, then back to task almost immediately.

Mr. Huffman has some of my gear putting clips on it. I had a fanny pack that I usually wear, but found that it tends to get in my way during a ride. The thing somehow works around to the front of me (I prefer it in back), and rubs against my wrists. So I'm having the belt straps cut off, two clips added on, it will be a cantle pack. He is going to sew my neck ditty to it like a flap, and I'll be able to keep my ride card in there, room for an extra bottle of water, and my other little necessities like chap stick, small rope for emergency tie up. It is not so big as to flop around like my larger pack. The only issue I might have is not having room for an extra easy boot. We'll see how well the boots foam on....

By the way, if you live in Osgood Indiana and you need Nutrena Feed, or tack repair Mr. Huffman is the man!


  1. I'm very happy to have found you from Karen's Musings.
    I just introduced to trail a 6 year old mare from a dressage barn. She had never been out of a ring. I am inexperienced at CTR / Endurance (but planning on riding a few next year) and reading this piece about your horse in training, I find that you may be able to save me from mistakes at this next step in training!! THANK- YOU! THANK-YOU! I'll be checking in regularly from now on.

  2. Welcome Ell,

    If you are looking for the done it wrong, and trying to do it right person, you've found her! The endurance thing is an adventure. CTR is really neat. If your horse is schooled in dressage the CTR rides will be a great starting place, or even a place to stay! If you like to really move out on trail, Endurance will be the thing. I like them both, but Phebes isn't quite ready for either. But we are slowly getting there. Check out some of the training articles under my links, there is a lot of good information there from various organizations that know their stuff. Ride on! ~E.G.