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February 25, 2008

Endurance Mentor....are you looking for one?

The American Endurance Ride Conference has a wealth of information for the endurance wanna be. Follow this link for a list of folks who are willing to mentor someone new to the sport:

So what can a mentor do for you? They can offer you their wealth of experience, assist you in avoiding falling into traps that may discourage you, they can cheer you on, assist you in finding someone to ride that first ride with, and offer many suggestions to help make your first ride experience a great one! I was so lucky to find Christine Eickleberry last year. She allowed me to join her on a couple of training rides with her gelding Jake (WR Cowboy), she has answered countless emails, encouraged me to hang with it when I fell on my head, and even rode with me on my first ride, and found someone else to finish that ride with me (thank you Lynn) when she pulled her own her horse. Chris also led me to the AERC which has an absolute wealth of articles on training, conditioning, gear, getting started, and a nice magazine with articles and ride schedules for each region.

You will find a list of mentors at that link given above, including email contacts for each region of the country!

~Endurance Granny

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