October 5, 2018

Painting...and life

 G-Raff, Acrylic 11X14 2018
Old Bess, Acrylic 12X16, 2018

My Mom is undergoing cancer surgery next week.  I've ditched my job, and been hanging out with her.   Scary times ahead.   She is eight-four and the toughest old gal I've ever known...but she is so frail.  Prayers for her please. ♥  

 I've been painting and sketching more to try and stay reasonably on an even emotional keel.   It calms me while I'm doing it.  
Journey still isn't "right."  We have a hoof now with attached walls, but still intermittently quite lame on the right front.   Have not located a farrier who will come out to this area.  I would like one more trim cycle and then follow with x-rays on the fronts to see where we are and what we can or cannot do about it.  

Hanging in there.   Sort of.


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