February 15, 2019

I think we have hooves again

Journey seems to have turned the corner from a very severe laminitis.  I've held my breath all winter with fear that the cold temperatures would bring on a new episode.  As precautionary I've resorted to leg wrapping when the temps are predicted below 32 degrees, feeding the poorest hay I can find (grass, grass, or grass), no grains, and a supplement from Uckele called Jiaogulan which is supposed to promote circulation.   She made her first seven very slow miles in the park a couple of weeks back.  She was picking her way and will need shoes in order for us to move forward...if I can finally pin down a reliable farrier.  So we are ever so slowly getting there. 

The horses are starting to shed.  It always lifts my spirits to see those little tufts of fluff pull out.  ☺

1 comment:

  1. Fingers crossed the trend continues in the right direction...