July 1, 2014

Well today's run was a total dud

86 degrees out, humidity 62%, may as well say NO BREEZE.  Journey just wasn't feeling it.  Then she slipped in the mud over a ditch crossing and went down on both knees.  It seemed the Karma was communicating with me, so I decided for once to listen.   Out of the run tonight we got one nice long gallop, and 2 uphill climbs, dripping with sweat, being eaten alive by deer flies.  I thought to myself that Journey is generally a cooperative horse, and I figure she isn't recovered fully from the weekend. If she had it in her, she'd give it too me.

 I'm working long the next couple of, and don't plan to try again until Friday.  Some family stuff going on, so we'll see.  You people out west have NO IDEA how good you have it from the humidity aspect...of course there are those wildfires, and earthquakes, where as we have tornado/humidity/lightening strikes/hail storms.  Pick your poison I guess.

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