October 25, 2008

The long awaited custom Skito pad has arrived!

My lovely Skito has arrived... The pad is shaped like my saddle, with just enough extra to keep the underfleece from getting dirty. It has the little tie strings to attach it to your saddle to hold in place, and loops for my billets to go through. The underside is soft real wool, the topside is black duck fabric. There is no padding under the flaps for better contact, and 1/2 dense foam panels on both sides of the spine to give the saddle a little lift. It is a very nice saddle pad. This is my third Skito pad. I still have my original, but I sold the second one when I switched away from a western saddle. Skito pads are in my opinion the best saddle pad on the market. They launder beautifully, air dry, pop the inserts back in, and you are good to go. Keep in mind that no saddle pad will "fix" an ill fitting saddle, but a Skito pad will really protect the horse's back from the rigors of riding. I've already dragged my saddle out and got the pad set up under it, ready to go! Seems an awful shame to put that pretty pad on my muddy filly ~Endurance Granny

1 comment:

  1. I use the skito pad for about 15 years in my endurance horses with a prestige trekker rr western in combination- its really the best combination i have! all my hundredmilers had that combination on- 5 up to now- and nevery any injuries!
    never found anything better!
    greetings sian from germany