February 9, 2008

My last day of being 49.....was kind of a bummer

The Endurance Granny officially turns 50 tomorrow. Today was sunny and the ground was beginning to dry up with reasonable footing. So I figured it was time to get the Phebes out and start working her under saddle. I began with some light ground work and she was just really having a fit, spooking, blowing, and eventually bucking and having a royal episode. I had the crupper on her, so I thought maybe she was having issues with that, so I removed it, and lounged her around both directions and she quit bucking. Thinking I had the bugs worked out I climbed on and walked her a little, then suddenly she tried to bolt, commenced bucking, and I lost a rein before I could get her stopped. She promptly laid me out on the ground with me landing on my head, and it hurt like hell. If the ground had been frozen or summer hard I'd have been knocked out or worse...as it was my legs didn't want to work right when I stood up, and the awful headache has persisted all afternoon. I wear a helmet, and if I did not it is unlikely I'd be sitting here typing this at all, maybe not even alive as hard as my head struck the ground. So on wobbly legs I had to go retrieve her from the other lot where she had raced off to join the other horses. I took her to the round pen and worked her until she'd join up, and then got back on and rode her a couple laps as I didn't feel well enough to do anything more.

Moments like these make me wonder if I'll ever get her trained enough to ride the trails. It is discouraging.

My poor sweet Puddin' is having a flare up of Uveitis in her right eye. She is on banamine. She has lost most of the vision in her other eye from this. She's such a sweet horse, I hate to think she will eventually go blind.

Tomorrow I join the ranks of "senior citizen".....what a way to leave my forties. Minor concussion, and whipped by a horse. ~Endurance Granny


  1. So sorry about your accident, glad you were wearing your helmet and are okay though!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Tammy in TX

    P.S. I do enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thanks Tammy! Day three and still a mild headache. Phebes is scheduled to go to a trainer in April....maybe May too if I can swing it. Too many headfirst landings and the ~Endurance Granny won't be able to ride! Welcome to the blog, please feel free to offer your two cents anytime...share your endurance or your wanna be distance dreams.


  3. Hope u r all better now!!! They say misery loves company so maybe this will make you feel better. My last day of 52 my horse bolted, dumped me, I had a concussion, 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung and spent my birthday in the hospital. Hey it happens to lots of us so you will be just fine. I'm pretty healed up now and starting to ride again Karen B

  4. Oh my! So glad you are better! It's hard to climb back on after they pull a stunt like that. I'm doing fine now. Head is working (at least as good as it normally does *LOL*) sore ribs are fine, and Phebes goes to a trainer in April GOD WILLING. All I can think is spring. ~Endurance Granny