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Two Horse Tack has partnered with Endurance Granny in sponsoring a prize for our Volunteer Challenge.  Endurance volunteer workers are the heart and soul of the sport.  They sweat, they shiver, they put in a long day and they do it just for you.  I thought that this year it would be great fun to gear a give-a-way for the unsung hero of every endurance ride.  The volunteer!
Tack set sponsored by Two Horse Tack winner gets choice of color!

What's the prize?

A lovely bridle, reins, and breastcollar in your color of choice from Two Horse Tack.

And a matching rockin' t-shirt designed by the Endurance Granny.

Want to donate something cool?  Contact me


1.  Submit your volunteerism on the form. Must be a member of AERC to participate (however, this prize drawing is not a sanctioned activity of AERC).  Endurance Granny is only tracking your volunteer days and ordering your prize!
2. Only one activity per day may be claimed.
3. Volunteers must obtain contact information (use your ride flyer) for the event manager.
4. Every time you submit a day of volunteerism at an AERC ride, you obtain another entry in the drawing! Please note this prize drawing is not a sanctioned AERC activity.
4. The challenge will run from February 1st to November 30th 2017.
5.  Be honest, support your ride managers, and let's have some fun!

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