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November 11, 2017

Poles Part 2

After some discussion this morning the long suffering husband felt that the bases of the poles would seat into the concrete perhaps "better" with a coupler on the ends of each pole that looked like a little donut with a flat bottom.  Personally I would have gone with what I have, but his heart's in the right place so I added them!

The poles first went into the buckets and I have a left over pile of crushed limestone from the stall project late in the spring, so each pole was nestled into this stuff just to give it support from flopping during the actual pour of the cement (more aptly, the shovel of the concrete).  With the size of the containers I used for the forms, the 80 lb bag of quick mixing concrete just barely stretched.

The girls all topped off in concrete.  

After experimenting with spray paint on a board, I have decided to not paint these.  Will add some colorful duct tape in a turquoise blue perhaps in the spring for striping and say it is good.   The temps were just barely there for this project so hoping the concrete sets up properly.   We are going to move them all to inside of the barn late this afternoon to finish curing.  Once I get them in place, I plan to remove the handles from the buckets as I don't think Journey could control her urges and they'd be all pulled over on the ground each morning.  The long suffering one has got hay all over the front lot where I plan to set this next "project" is to point him at the tractor and blade and push that crap into the mulch pile.

NEXT UP:  Measuring off the course and determining if I have enough lot for 12 feet apart on the poles!  May have to put them on the diagonal.

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