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September 27, 2013

My Pretty!

I feel like going all "weirdness" rubbing my hands and lisping "MY PRECIOUS" whenever I look at them.

I'll try the new front boots on her tonight.  These again are the Viper and not the original boot, so measurement for fit needs to be a little more exact.   Lander actually compared the size O original measurement in this case to determine which size in VIPER would be closest.    I'll need a really good front fit as she is not good about picking up her feet in the first place.  If I have to I'll exchange for size O originals, but that would put us in mismatched boots, so I hope not.  All things going well would mean two pair for the front, and a pair and a spare for the hind.    I'll need to order some parts to have on hand, as I only have a cable, pile of set screws, and some straps.  No buttons.

Got to try the new front boots on her this evening and the fit looks excellent!  Will give them a work out tomorrow.  I've almost worn out a set of straps on the hind boots gonna have to get some ordered here pretty quick.

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  1. Ooooohhhhhh, I don't blame you! They are purdy!!!!!