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Southeastern Indiana CMO

Hi all !  Southeastern Indiana horse people you are in for a treat!  Two Horse Tack is sponsoring a ride to be held at Versailles State Park late in the spring 2017.

The goal?  To build a competitive group of CMO riders in the south and southeastern part of Indiana.  There already is a highly viable group in the northern part of the state.

If you are interested in a fun, and challenging activity for you and your family, check out a Competitive Mounted Orienteering ride near you.

I am especially excited that Two Horse Tack has come on board in support of this inaugural ride we are call the Two Horse Tango.   It should be warm by then (late spring) and the night still comfortable for camping.  Versailles State Park boasts about  24 miles of trail, none overly challenging making it the perfect venue to hold a ride.   We do suggest hoof protection as there will be some service road crushed gravel that intersects trail heads.

Orienteering is the new direction I'm taking my equestrian activities after about eight years of dabbling in endurance riding.  Having come to the place of wanting my equine pursuit to be more enjoyable (while being less stressful), and over all of less risk of injury to my horses.  If you would like more information on the Two Horse Tango, please post a reply, message me on facebook, or email me at:

A huge and resounding thank you to Two Horse Tack who continues to follow and sponsor my crazy equine adventure ♥

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