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Discipline: LD/Endurance, CMO, Trail Rider, Cartoonist, Writer, Co-Director/ Green Bean Endurance

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Endurance Granny has always been and always will be a thoughtful and helpful place to find information, commentary, and news on endurance riding.  After seven years of blogging I've built a nice traffic base, over 240,000 individual hits, and traffic at about 5000 individual monthly hits.  These are the people beginning and / or already riding endurance and in need of endurance equestrian and rider equipment. This is a great place to showcase your product.  So I have decided to allow advertising here on this blog in exchange for equipment or store credit to assist me in keeping my endurance hobby rolling.

If you are interested in my stats:   I ride LD and Endurance, still a beginner with about 375 combined miles of competition (1/19/2015), thousands of trail miles logged, and a good and helping heart for others.  My goals are to continue in endurance riding, to reach for a Decade Team award, and to eventually ride The Old Dominion endurance ride when the time and training are right.   I'm actively involved in and currently hold a Director at Large position within Green Bean Endurance which is a safe haven for new riders just starting out in the sport of endurance.

Please: Place an ad for your equestrian product at Endurance Granny!

So how does it work?   

Companies and or Specific Products will have advertising space on the right hand sidebar of this blog.   This will be an image of your company logo, or product, that is a clickable link direct to your company website or store.

I will barter advertising space for gear:Email me about what you'd like to advertise ( please keep it horse gear, or equestrian related).

Keep in mind that your product will not only ride on the sidebar of Endurance Granny,  I will write an informational blog on the product with a link back to your company/store.  Your product and literature will go with me (if provided) to endurance rides so that I may share information and samples  (if provided) and or demonstration with other riders about your product and my very noticeable Appaloosa horse will likewise be wearing  or using your items.  Email me at  and get the exposure your product deserves.